15 August 2006

Persepolis 2: The Story of a Return

I devoured the first Persepolis last month (see review dated July 9, 2006) – from start to end in one sitting. Persepolis 2 is very different from the first, and it’s told accordingly - it’s hard, sad, tormented, and thoughtful. Picking up where the first book leaves off, Marjane is a young teen attending school in Austria to escape the war and growing fundamentalism in Iran. The transition proves difficult as she attempts to find her place is a society and culture so different from the one she has known at home. We witness Marjane’s isolation, drug use, love life, and depression in the stark black and white illustrations she creates for us. Following a period of homelessness, Marjane returns to Iran as a young woman and must again integrate herself into a society that she is from but no longer of. An amazing and beautiful story to read, mull over, and appreciate.

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