01 August 2006


11:14 is the debut film from director Greg Marcks and it’s certainly worthy of renting – especially if you’re a fan of dark comedies like Shallow Grave. Five separate stories converge in the moments leading up to 11:14pm and as the film unfolds we see the connections between the various characters. There are a few brilliant performances – Hillary Swank is hysterical as the convenience store clerk who’s desperate to keep her job, and Patrick Swayze has a particularly memorable scene with a dead body and a golden retriever. And I certainly can’t leave out the antics of three teen-age boys in a van… shaving cream, book burning, and a detached penis provide an entertaining mix of dialog and urban myth. The film gets off to a somewhat slow start, but the ending provides a big bang (pun intended) and an interesting surprise.

11:14 is available through Netflix. :-)

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