24 August 2006


Go out and watch this movie now. It’s been making the indie theatre circuit and is now available on DVD through Netflix. It’s hard to believe Brick is Rian Johnson’s debut film; it’s got great pacing, acting, storylines, and suspense. Yes, the dialog is slippery slick. Amazingly complex lines flow flawless from the characters’ lips – it’s as if everyone attended the Eminem school of conversation - but it works so well. How often do you enjoy a film simply because the language is so captivating? Brandon, played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is the next John Cusack. He’s scruffy, boy-next-door cute but without the 80s naiveté and plays the tough guy with a good soul role perfectly, can’t wait to see where his career goes… If you enjoy the classic film noir from the 40s and 50s, this is the movie for you. Sure, the “wise guys” and “dames” are identified with different terms now (and the clothes are certainly different) – but it’s still popcorn-muching good fun.

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