03 August 2006

Lost, Season 1

I’m a late arrival to the Lost party, and my excuse is that I relinquished my cable TV service 18+ months ago. However, seeing that so many people talk about the show with rabid enthusiasm, I added it to my Netflix queue to see if it was really worth all the froth. After watching all seven discs, in rather rapid succession, I abashedly admit to being hooked, line and sinker.

The plot has a great blend of supernatural intrigue and complex human personalities. I really enjoy how each episode shines a little light into a particular character’s past as it makes the show into something more than just “40 people on a freaky, creepy island.” There were a few bits and pieces that were a bit over-the-top but for every melodrama there were five totally captivating and spot-on scenes, so it more than compensated. I highly recommend the extra features DVD – it’s worth it for a “behind the scenes” look at the production of the polar bear and contained some hysterical footage of the original scene which involved the “bear” and the character Sawyer.

Didn’t I do a good job of not providing any spoilers? If you haven’t gotten on board with Lost, do so now. Season 2 will be available on DVD in September and I’m already queuing it up.

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