19 July 2006

Oi! Oi! Oi!

Netflix has tons of punk rock documentaries. I guess this means that my generation has entered nostalgia mode and is looking to escape from their slightly disappointing and very average lives (or maybe that’s just me…). But I’m happy to lap it all up, even if it does makes me feel “marketed to.” A few of these films have been excellent – Another State of Mind and GG Allin’s Hated immediately come to mind. Oi! Oi! Oi! was ok. It’s only an hour and is worth it for the footage of the Toy Dolls. I LOVED “James Bond Lives Down My Street” – in fact I even stole the 45 from my college radio station upon my graduation (unfortunately, that song is not in the film) . The rest of this documentary is essentially a bunch of older, heavier, beer-swilling oi-sters talking about the good old days when they were “keeping it real.” That’s a bit dull. However, it was fun to see some footage of The Exploited with their multi-colored Mohawks and mullet-like hairdos and the performances by The Business were excellent. Although for all the ragging they did on The Clash, they sure sounded an awful lot like them…

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