25 July 2006

Liz Durrett Part II

I’ve been listening to The Mezzanine for the last few days and there’s something going on with the vocals that I can’t quite put my finger on. When I wrote about Husk a few days back I compared Durrett’s sound to Mazzy Starr and the Cowboy Junkies but after listening to the new CD I’m no longer satisfied with that. This time around I’m having different impressions – and I'm totally reminded of the first time I heard Sinead O’Connor. I’m not saying that The Mezzanine sounds just like The Lion and the Cobra (which, upon re-listening to, does have that distinct “late-80s” sound to it) but there are some strong similarities to that album’s lesser known songs like “Just Like U Said it Would B” and “Drink Before the War” - it has something to do with the way the vocals float over and clash against the music – it sticks in your brain and haunts you.

Listen now to:
Knives at the Wall
All the Spokes (my hands down favorite)
The Mezzanine
In the Throes

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