07 July 2006

Marianne Faithfull

On the liner notes to Before the Poison Will Self writes, "...the experience is one of stripping off: How far are you prepared to reveal yourself in your response to this music? To what extend are you admit that you year for love and yet thrive on hatred?"

Of the ten songs on this disc, five feature music and lyrics by PJ Harvey and three by Nick Cave - and when you listen, it's pretty clear who had their hands on which ones -but my favorite is one titled "Last Song" by Damon Albarn. "It's not a love song, it's the last song for you" and musically, lyrically, sums up Will Self's description perfectly.

Just take it for a listen - you won't want it to stop (and maybe you'll start to relish the stinking, filthy mood it puts you in...).

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