23 July 2007

Unbreakable + Signs

I loved Lady in the Water and The Sixth Sense, but had been warned by IMDB about the spotty “in between” offerings by M. Night Shyamalan. After viewing both I agree that Unbreakable is a waste of time. A more appropriate title would have been Unbelievable as that’s how the characters and plot develop. Bruce Willis is…well…a typical Bruce Willis character – a gruff and ruff guy who takes on a somewhat unbelievable task. Samuel Jackson’s character starts out interesting and slightly freaky but gradually degenerates into something…unbelievable (unbelievably stupid is more like it).

Signs, on the other hand, is somewhat suspenseful and even though I’m not a big Mel Gibson fan, he gives a decent performance as a reverend whose lost faith is returned as his community (nay, the world in total) is attacked by aliens from outer space. There are a few super cheesy LOL moments involving the aliens – let’s just say it might have been better for M. Night to refrain from using full body shots. Listen to the professional reviewers and stick with the better films.

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