28 June 2007

Raising Helen

“I'm a sexy man of God, and I know it.”*

Raising Helen is a cute, fluffy kind of New York City movie featuring lots of great clothes and pretty, skinny women in high heels - and three kids from New Jersey whose parents have just died and are shipped off to the big city to live with their young, hipster Aunt (Kate Hudson). The end result is a combination of heart-wrenching drama with plaintive cries of "I miss my Mommy!" (sniff sniff) with slap-dash comedy as Auntie transitions from fashion model agent to used car saleswoman - and meets up with an exceptionally randy Pastor Dan* (played by John Corbett with a rather un-sexy resemblance to Three’s Company-era John Ritter).

Despite the fact that 95% of the film is totally unbelievable (and unremarkable) there are a few genuine laugh-out-loud moments provided by Joan Cusack as the hilariously frightening, mini-van driving, potpourri-loving, "Super Mom" middle sister.

Best thing about Raising Helen: no sign of Meg Ryan.

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