14 April 2007

Fabulous Nobodies

Fabulous Nobodies: A Novel About a Girl Who’s in Love with Her Clothes
by Lee Tulloch

Are you curious about the life of Carrie Bradshaw before she became the successful columnist with a penchant for designer clothes and $450 shoes? If you answered “Yes!” then you need to read this book. The story of Reality Nirvana Tuttle is, without a doubt, an unintended pre-quel to Sex and the City.

Fabulous Nobodies is funny, earnest, so very New York City in the late 1980s, and, for those of us who were in our 20s during that time, a wonderful fun trip down memory lane. If you can remember when in was possible to rent an apartment in alphabet city for $350 month and have a tub in your kitchen then you’ll appreciate this story. If you can remember scouring Goodwill, Sal’s Boutique, and vintage clothing shops with your meager earnings from a club, record store, or underground publication then you’ll appreciate this story. If you can remember life before the internet and came of age at a time when local fanzines and arts newspapers were the ruling social arbiters then you’ll appreciate this story.

Lee Tulloch’s book is a completely captivating snapshot of a place, time, and people who no longer exist except in our scrapbooks and collected memorabilia.

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