10 September 2006

A Wedding for Bella

I first learned of this film a few weeks back while visiting Pittsburgh – it’s a home-town favorite that features some very favorable scenes of the various neighborhoods through the city. When I saw that Scott Baio had a leading role I was a bit concerned (who can’t help but remember him from Happy Days?) but he was perfectly cast in the role of Dominic, the corporate axe-man turned baker who is determined to help Bella, the aging woman who lives above the bakery. Bella, played by Rosemary Prinz, was an interesting character even as her dialog bordered on stereotypical. However, it was Kristin Minter in her role as the wild daughter Lucca who really commanded attention. Caught between the expectations of her immigrant parents and her own dreams and fears, Minter moved from quirky peace core volunteer to devoted daughter to conflicted girlfriend with ease. A Wedding for Bella is on the road between What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and My Big Fat Greek Wedding – and I guess that’s right about where Pittsburgh is.

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